Coordinator Desk

One of the important components of the college Internal Quality Assurance Cell ensures quality in all units of the college. It is a step towards excellence. The IQAC of ML&JNK organizes orientation programmes for faculty and staff. It conducts self assessment through feedback for quality sustenance and improvement in teaching, learning and research experience. It works on infrastructural resources of the college to assure adequate facilities to enabling appropriate environment for teaching, learning and research. IQAC submits AQAR (Annual Quality Assurance Report), collects data and information on various aspects of college functioning. Thus, IQAC is a continuous move to define the objectives of the college, to have a work plan to achieve them and to evaluate to which degree task is accomplished.

The IQAC expresses its gratitude to the management, the principal, staff and students for their support to the IQAC in fulfilling quality sustenance and maintenance at ML&JNK.

With best wishes
Dr. Amita Aggarwal