Founders of ML&JNK

Founder of ML&JNK, Shri Munna Lal ji, was a self made millionaire whose tale of success set an example. Mentioned as "Ford of Saharanpur" in Saharanpur Sandharbh Granth , Munna Lal ji started his life from zero, and by his unparallel hard work, honesty and goodwill established Brij Transport, the biggest empire of private transport in those days in Uttar Pradesh. Being deprived of education in boyhood, he yearned to compensate it. When in 1966, Sri Badri Prasad Bajoria, his friend and owner of Star Paper Mills, called him to partake his vision saying, "Saharanpur needs a girls college and you have to donate one lakh rupees for it", he at once agreed. And thus, the first degree college for girls began its journey in the campus of JBS. The land for new college building was purchased with the money he donated but unfortunately, Munna lal ji died on 8 August 1968 even before the foundation ceremony. His able son Shri Brij Mohan accomplished the mission supporting the young institution by all means.

Lala Munna Lal ji never forgot his early days of hardships and even at the peak of prosperity he was revered for his generosity and compassion for the poor and needy people. His life is the beacon for the students in the light of which, they can learn to steer amidst adverse currents and transform every challenge into opportunity without diluting the ethics.

Shri Jai Narayan Khemka
ML&JNK, since its inception has been nurtured by the seers who foresaw that women education is integrated with social upliftment and national development. They were dedicated to make education available to all. Their vision was holistic. Shri Jai Narayan believed that the cause of education is divine, a medium to worship God. He was an ascetic by nature. Follower of Bhagvadgeeta, he saw Narayan in poor and founded a trust to run several welfare programmes for them. He contributed to establish Sanskrit schools and Gurukuls and supported them throughout his life. After his death with the inspiration of Shri Badri Prasad ji his son, Shri Brij Mohan Gupta, generously donated for the expansion of college building in his memory. Thus, the college was renamed as Munna Lal & Jai Narayan Khemka Girls College.

Padmashri shri Badri Prasad Bajoria, known as 'Industrialist Saint', was a boon to education in Saharanpur. He was born (1925) in a prosperous industrial family and in the age of seventeen owned the responsibility of Star Paper Mills Limited in Saharanpur which, progressed year after year and he got the position in topmost industrialists of the country. On one hand, Badri Prasad ji was providing livelihood to thousands of people and earning fame to Saharanpur on national and global level, on the other hand, he was lighting the lamp of education for all sections of the society. It is a common fact that there is hardly an institution which had not enjoyed his patronage. He himself deprived of higher education was more conscious of its need than many who would have had the privilege of going through a college or university.

ML&JNK is the brain child of Badri Prasad ji. His vision was to provide higher education to the girls, so that they can shape their destiny and so play a constructive role in the rise of nation. He inspired Lala Munna Lal ji and Shri Jai Narayan ji to donate a substantial amount to fulfill this aim. He arranged many more lakh rupees including his own share selflessly. The college received his perennial support on preferential account. On the occasion of his felicitation for receiving Padmashree honour he unfolded his heart, "the love I feel for this girls college is greater than I have for the Inter college founded in the memory of my father."