Other Facilities

Dispensary :-

College Dispensary provides primary Medical Aid to the students and staff. Health check up programmes are held time to time. Doctor is available twice a week for two hours in the Dispensary to give free of cost consultation and check up.

Auditorium :-

College auditorium 'Bajoria Sabhagar' having the capacity of thousand audience is the centre of all kinds of cultural and co-curricular activities. Annual Prize Distribution function, dance & drama competition, lectures and seminars are organized in the auditorium.

Conference Room :-

Departmental lectures, seminars, Ph.D viva are conducted in the LCD Projector equipped conference room.

Gym :-

The facility is available for the students and staff who aim to maintain their physical fitness.

Alumni Association :-

College alumni has registered association. Smt. Sunita Jain, the President and Smt. Anupam Gupta the Secretary, conduct the activities of the Association.

Ranger :-

There are two units of Ranger in the college and 100 students take part in Ranger activities. Ranger camp is held to provide ranger training to the enrolled students. Rangers participate in Intercollegiate Ranger meet held at University level. They are selected for President Awards.

N.C.C :-

Two Pls under UP NCC Girls Battalian of Meerut Group run in the College. Total 105 cadets are trained every year. Activities such as- Hygiene & Sanitation, Disaster management , Adventure sports, National Integration and Leadership are held. 'B' and 'C' certificate exams are conducted in this unit. Cadets who qualify these exams are eligible to apply for the jobs of police, para military and armed forces. Ten students have been selected for these services in last few years.

Literary & Cultural Society :-

aims to provide opportunity and stage to the hidden talent in the college. Dance drama and song competitions are held. SPICMACAY programmes are organized to create awareness and appreciation among students for Indian classical music art and craft culture. Debates and speech Competions on current issues are organized by the Society.

Environmental Awareness & Protection Committee :-

inculates right perspective towards nature and environment in the students and staff through activities like waste management, composting , polythene reduction, plantation etc.

Weekly Assembly :-

held on every Wednesday is an impressive mechanism of interaction with the students. All kinds of awareness informations, moral lessons and views are imparted in the Assembly. It gives opportunity to the students to speak of their thoughts and exhibit talents.

National Cadet Corps