Principal's Message

Dear Students,
Welcome to ML&JNK
College is the spring board to your dreams and aspirations of future life. Education is that liberates you, that puts wind under your wings. Besides, focusing on the defined goal of self independence we focus on the more humane and capacious goals of a better life and a better society. We all know the role of women in the rise of nation. Educating a woman means to impart them the power of decision making that affects their life, household and community. I want that development of our students should be multidimensional. They have the potential, the determination and intelligence, only little guidance and assurance on my part will bring laurels to you.
Be proud of your culture and great heritage of art and knowledge. Be your own ideal. All odds and challenges of life can be overcome with patience and faith in good.
My best wishes to all new comers.
Dr. Amita Aggarwal